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Vendors listing

This list does not reflect a recommendation of any of the vendors listed here nor does it reflect a recommendation against vendors not listed. Please send me updates to the list until such time as an online update process is developed.

  • Case Depot carries selected house brand cases which appear to include products from Addtronics, Enlight, InWin, Lite On and CalPc.
  • Case Outlet carries selected Avance, Everbest, Procase and Yeong Yang cases.
  • The Chip Merchant carries a line of cases including Addtronics, Apex, Coolmaster, InWin, Lian-Li and SuperPower
  • CoolCases carries selected Cases by Addtronics, Chenbro, and Lite-On.
  • carries a wide range of cases including Antec, InWin, Fong Kai, SuperMicro, CompuCase, Hansan, Asus, Enlight, Palo Alto, Casedge, Lian-Li and Yeong Yang.
  • ISI Technologies is a distributor of Chenming PC Chassis
  • JCL is a distributor of Lian-Li Aluminum PC Cases
  • carries selected Antec and Enlight cases
  • Outside Loop Computers carries selected Addtronics, Antec and Lite-On cases
  • rackmountpro carries a full line of rack mount chassis as well as other chassis along with server motherboards and the like.
  • carries a range of house branded cases including some aggressively priced rack mount cases..

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